Trim and Siding

The trim and siding have been partially completed.

The photo below gives a good perspective on the layup of the siding. The Pro Clima Mento 1000 weather resistive barrier (WRB) is the black fabric-like material against the SIPS panels. Every seam of the WRB was meticulously taped with blue Pro Clima Tescon Vana tape.

From here, the installation approach is a bit different than typical construction.  3/4 inch strapping was attached on top of the WRB to the house. This was done to achieve a gap between the siding and the house to ensure that the house can dry out if any moisture sneaks its way behind the siding. At the bottom of the strapping, a screen mesh was installed to ensure bugs, and small animals don’t find their way behind the siding. IMG_3919

Finally, the fiber cement siding was installed on top of the strapping. While it’s difficult to see in this photo, my builder actually notched the trim to accept the siding. This allows it to expand and contract with the season without gaps opening.

The fiber cement siding was chosen for it’s low maintenance and long life-span. To compliment it, PVC trim was used. Between these two materials I don’t expect there to be much outdoor maintenance will be needed.

IMG_3906 IMG_3908