Progress Update

Progress has been quick the past couple of weeks. Once the issues with the insulation were ironed-out, the crew worked quickly to re-drywall the walls and complete the pine wood accent wall in the bedroom.

IMG_3928 IMG_3929

The lower-level is really beginning to take shape as you can see from the photos below.




The plumber has also just about wrapped-up the installation of the rough plumbing. He installed dedicated PEX hot and cold water supplies to every fixture to ensure there would never be a loss of pressure if more than one fixture such as the washer and a shower were being used at the same time. The waste plumbing was routed from the sub-slab prep work he did months ago up through the walls to connect to each fixture and finally through the roof to vent the system.

The inspector was on site last week and I am pleased to report that the plumbing passed!



Lastly, the crew has gotten the house strapped and prepared for siding. This step is a bit unusual for residential construction, but helps to extend the life of the siding and the SIPs. The strapping creates a 3/4in gap that allows the SIPs to dry outward should any water get behind the siding.