Construction Details

Front Elevation

Loft First Floor Ground Floor

Construction Details

Lower Level

  • 10″ basement walls insulated to R26 with R-11 of polyiso rigid foam and 2×4 stud bays filled with R-15 Roxul batt insulation
  • Basement slab insulated to R-20 with 4″ of XPS foam for a warm floor
  • 9ft floor-to-ceiling height


  • Urethane R41 SIPs wall panels to sill-plate
  • Neopor R52 SIPS roof panels
  • Solitex Mento 1000 house and roof wrap
  • Walls and roof strapped for air gap between SIP and siding
  • All exterior and interior gaps sealed with Tescon Vana tape
  • Extoseal Encors sill seal tape
  • Various spray foams (low and medium expanding) to seal large gaps

Windows an Doors

  • Intus triple pane (R-8) oversized tilt-turn windows
  • Intus triple pane patio doors
  • Masonite urethane foam-core (R-8) Energy Star entry door
  • Fixed exterior barn doors to accent patio doors


  • 7in wide-plank pre-finished oak flooring
  • Stainmaster carpet
  • Locally harvested timber frame staircase
  • Solid Oak wood countertops
  • Locally harvested pine barn board utilized on accent walls
  • Large glulam timber purlins and ridge beams

Heating, Cooling, and Ventilation

  • Mitsubishi H2i 12K mini-split heat pump and Mitsubishi H2i 9K mini-split heat pump to provide heat and air conditioning
  • 36″ electric baseboards with independent Stelpro zwave thermostats in each bedroom for comfort
  • Lifebreath RNC 155 Heat Recovery Ventilator for “breath of fresh air” continuous air exchange

Smart Home Features

  • Home theater with 92 inch screen, LED projector, and Klipsch surround sound
  • Roku TVs in each bedroom and loft
  • Electronic control of lights, heating, cooling, and appliances via easy-to-use tablet
  • Whole house audio via a 1200 watt Sonance 6-zone amplifier and Google Chromecast Audio devices
  • Security system with integrated Smoke and CO detectors