Stairs, Vanity, and Kitchen

Over the last couple weeksĀ a lot of progress has been made toward completing the home. The builder finished the stairs with a matching custom-built pine railing.

IMG_3960 IMG_3953

I installed the home made bathroom vanity I’ve spent the last several weeks finishing. It is a 2 inch slab of hickory finished an 1/8 inch of clear waterproof epoxy. The legs are steel and give the entire piece a mid-century modern look.


The kitchen is also just about complete. We finished-up installing the drawers, doors, and interior organizers. While it is very tedious to install an Ikea kitchen, the organizational features are nice and will help ensure every item planned for the kitchen fits in it.

Additionally, the appliances arrived and were set in-place. Despite how it looks, there is actually a dishwasher tucked next to the refrigerator. It has a panel that matches the rest of the cabinet fronts to blend-in.


We are days away from the completion of the house and I can’t wait to share the final product with you.