Outdoor Patio Paradise

The last major item that needed to be completed was the patio. My plans called for a 12×24 patio with a corner notched out for the Hot Tub.

To build the patio I moved 3 pallets of stone, 5 yards of stone dust, 1200lbs of concrete and 16 sheets of 2×8 foam board. I laid 50 feet of wire mesh, 646 feet of snowmelt cable, and 15 feet of wire conduit.

The project began by laying down a standard base of 4-6 inches of stone dust. The stone dust was compacted in 3 inch lifts and leveled.

Then 2×8 sheets of foam were laid on top of the compacted stone dust and any low areas were tweaked and re-compacted to achieve a slight slope.


Mesh was secured to the foam and snowmelt cable was laid across the surface. The cable was spaced 4 inches apart and secured to the mesh with zip ties. Each cable end was terminated at the corner of the house to be tied-in to the pre-planned electrical box.


The layout will ensure the patio remains snow-free and dry next to the hot tub and under the picnic table.

The cables were then carefully covered with an inch of rock-free stone dust. 1 inch conduit was laid on the foam to ensure a level surface was maintained.


Patio stone was then carefully set into the undisturbed base material. I was careful to ensure each stone butted-up tight next to the previously laid stone.


After the patio stone was laid, carpet scraps were laid on the surface and the compactor was run across it to flatten and bed the stone.


The final product is a durable flat patio ready for use! During the winter months, at the flip of a switch, the snowmelt cable will ensure the patio remains dry and ice-free!