Humidity Challenges

During the cool winter months it was easy to maintainĀ a nice dry indoor climate, although it was perhaps a bit too dry at times hovering around 20% humidity. However, now that we are well into spring and summer is quickly approaching the maintaining a dry indoor climate is becoming challenging.

I found the HRV running continuously was no providing enough of a drying effect to keep the humidity adequately low. In fact, I watched my hygrometer steadily climb from 40% to 60% over the course of a week before deciding I needed to take action.

I begrudgingly pulled-out the dehumidifier I utilized during the drywall stage of construction and plugged it back in. I was able to rather quickly pull the humidity down to around 40%.

Unfortunately the pine which accents the house is also continuing to contribute a lot of moisture to the air while it dries out. I anticipate that I will need to run the dehumidifier for about a year before the house will be able to adequately maintain humidity levels with just the HRV.