Drywall & Timber

The end is insight! The crew has spent the last several days installing drywall.

One of the side effects of installing drywall is that mud puts a lot of moisture into the house. As a result of how tight the structure is, the humidity rose to over 80% this weekend. Monday morning it literally looked like it was raining down the insides of the windows.

So, since it is too early to install the HRV (It would get clogged with drywall dust), we started running a dehumidifier to dry-out the place. While not perfect, it has gotten the humidity down to a more tolerable 50%

IMG_3752IMG_3757 IMG_3740 IMG_3756

The timber for the stairs has arrived. The timber is fresh-cut (green) pine that was locally cut in Maine. Since the pine still has a heavy moisture content, it needs to be brought indoors to dry for a week before it can be installed. After installation it will need to dry for several more weeks before it can be coated with polyurethane.